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Covid-19: City women discuss perils of long distance marriages

The Covid-19 pandemic is not just teaching the world how to adopt a new style of living, but here in Nairobi, it seems married couples are facing a dilemma with the guidelines imposed by the government to stop the spread of the disease.

Due to the restriction of movement into and out Nairobi and other counties, couples are now worried about how they can continue to sustain a long-distance marriage.

The cessation of movement has been in effect since April this year.

This directive caught many unawares and found themselves locked in different counties where they work.

And with President Uhuru Kenyatta extending the cessation of movement to July this year, this means those locked out will continue to stay away from their families and loved ones.

Fimbo ya karibu

It is in this regard that a city woman sought the advice of fellow women in the closed Facebook group Kilimani Mums on how best she can deal with a long-distance marriage.

“How best can one deal with long-distance marriage?” wondered the woman.

Here are some comments:

“Be rest assured ako na fimbo ya karibu….101%,” said one online user.

“The 4 of you should trust one another,” wrote another online user.

“Hehe…still I haven’t gotten the solution,” commented one online user.

“Simply being faithful and communicate daily if possible,” said another online user.

“Aki walae Uhuru asiongeze lockdown woyeee,” stated one online user.

“Masidechicks watatakeover long distance baes,” said another online user.

“Trust is the key people will mislead you here. If you know your partner well that’s all that matters. I refuse to subscribe to some school of thoughts since some here are full of negativity. Always think positively,” replied another online user.

“Challenging,” said one online user.