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Covid-19 lockdown for who? Ronaldo buys Sh1 billion Bugatti

Despite the lockdown effected in many countries across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has splashed a whopping Sh1.2 billion on a limited edition Bugatti.

Only ten of the particular vehicle model, theĀ Bugatti Centodieci, were manufactred.

The Juventus superstar is currently in lockdown in his native town Madeira in Portugal as the footballing world continues to grapple with zero matches and tournaments thanks to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

As many of us may do at times likes these, Ronaldo has resorted to retail therapy to help him get himself through the situation by ordering the luxury sports car, according to Bild.

The description reads: “Inspired by the historical model, the Centodieci pushes all boundaries of imagination with its breathtaking performance and pioneering design.

Featuring a modern interpretation of the classic wedge shape and with the iconic W16 engine, the Centodieci transports the EB110 gracefully into a new millenium.

The ten limited edition are distinguished by their perfect elegance and sculptural beauty.

Ronaldo reportedly takes home Sh225 million each month in Italy.