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Covid-19: Raila pens heartfelt letter to Kenyans

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has urged Kenyans to unite and use their social connections in the fight against the coronavirus.

In an emotional letter dated April 3, 2020, Mr Odinga urged Kenyans to personalise the war against the disease and use their existing social connections to remain safe.

“Let each of us make daily phone calls, have video chats, send emails and text messages to friends, family and acquaintances including chama members, prayer group members, business people, riders, touts, and drivers, former and current schoolmates and encourage all of them to avoid crowds, observe social distance, wash their hands and wear masks, even improvised and homemade ones,” he said.

He noted that pandemics at any one-time change societies in fundamental ways, and also let it slip that he too had no idea where the country will end up due to the coronavirus situation.

“Pandemics from the history change societies in a fundamental way. Where the Covid-19 will take us, we cannot tell for now. But we know that we have to fight it. We need a new breed of patriots for this new breed of war. The war is not for the armed selected few. It is for every man, woman, every boy, and girl,” he added.

The ODM leader urged his Kenyans to personalise the war and ensure that they use their existing social connections to keep safe each and every day.

“Do not struggle with strangers, concentrate on people you have a personal relationship with,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to be resilient like they have been in tough moments, saying it is only through resilience and unity that the war will be won.

“My fellow Kenyans, I have known you for long. I know your strong faith and belief in friends, family, social network and acquaintances. I know your determination, kindness, and humour even in grim situations.”

“Let these come to play now. Let us make this a people-for-people moment. Let us all go out and tell our friends to tell their friends that the window is slowly shutting.”

“If we do not take personal control now, there will be no control to take later. You remain in my thoughts and prayers,” Raila concluded.

Kenya’s positive cases stand at 122 with four deaths and four recoveries from the deadly virus as at Friday, April 3, 2020.