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Covid-19: Some matatus embrace cashless payment

City Star Shuttle has started using cashless payments, as the country continues to implement new measures put in place by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus.

This is after the bus company partnered with Safaricom to provide a pay bill number to be used by passengers to pay their bus fare using M-Pesa.

“Our staffs (sic) at city star shuttle are hanging the paybill no’s like badges. .. karibu usafiri nasi,” a Kenyan on Twitter wrote.

The Kenyan government, in one of its measures to help curb the spread of the virus, has encouraged Kenyans to start making cashless transactions as the transmission of Covid-19 from one person to the other can also be done through the handling of physical cash.

Safaricom became the first player in the mobile money business to cut prices following a request from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

These included free person-to-person transactions of below Sh1,000.

Small and micro business enterprises (SMEs) using M-Pesa were allowed a higher limit of Sh150,000 daily transactions, up from the current Sh70,000.

Kenyans will also be able to transact up to Sh300,000, up from the current limit of Sh140,000, and hold up to Sh300,000 in their M-Pesa wallets.