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Covid-19 unlikely to be spread through swimming pool

Health Director General Patrick Amoth has said that it is unlikely that Covid-19 can be spread through a swimming pool.

Dr Amoth made the clarification while responding to a concerned Kenyan on Twitter handle during his #AsktheDG session.

“@DrPatrickAmoth #AskTheDG Can the virus that causes Covid19 spread through swimming pool?” asked @TotMercy.

To the Dr Amoth replied that the main route of contracting Covid-19 is through droplets from a person carrying the virus.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the disease can be spread through sneezing or coughing by an infected person.

Through sneezing the virus is transferred from the infected person to a person next to them through tiny droplets.

This is why the government insists on people wearing face masks in public places and practising physical and social distancing.

In addition to this, using alcohol based sanitisers and bleach to disinfect the house has also been advised to maintain a clean environment.

Kenya currently has a total of 2,216 confirmed Covid-19 cases with 74 deaths as a result of the disease and 553 recoveries of infected people.