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Crazy Kennar reveals ambitious plans for a live comedy show

Kenyan content creator, Kennedy Odhiambo, famously known as Crazy Kennar, recently took to social media to share a deeply personal revelation with his dedicated fanbase.

The comedian and skit maker, who has become a household name in the Kenyan comedy industry, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the support he has received over the years and unveiled an ambitious plan to transition his digital comedy into a live stage show that aims to bring 6000 fans together this December.

Crazy Kennar’s journey in content creation began in January 2017, and it has been nothing short of remarkable.

He confessed to his humble beginnings, “I never thought of how big I could grow. I never imagined even the opportunities I could get. I never, even in my wildest dreams, thought that I could leave the country to go and shoot content. But all this has been possible because of the support you guys have given me up to date.”

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It’s this unwavering support from his fans that has been a constant source of motivation for Kennar. He fondly recalled a touching encounter with a parent who approached him and said, “Kennar, you’re my child’s role model and you’re a blessing to this generation.”

These words have stayed with him and serve as a daily reminder of the positive impact he has on his audience.

“Even when I want to quit content creation, and that crosses my mind, I remember I am a blessing to this generation,” Kennar added with sincerity.

However, the most exciting part of Kennar’s revelation was his bold announcement about a live comedy show.

He confessed, “This year I want to do something that is so scary to me. I have been thinking about it for the past 6 years, and I want to do a live show on stage.”

Kennar’s vision is to bridge the gap between digital comedy and live entertainment, creating an unforgettable experience for his fans.

He envisions an event that will have 6,000 people in attendance this December. “I want to actualize digital comedy into live stage comedy. A show that will have 6000 people in attendance this December,” he said.

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He went further to declare, “In my head, I believe that this dream is possible, and personally, I promise I will give a performance of a lifetime.”

This live show represents a significant milestone in his career and an opportunity to connect with his fans in a way he has never done before.

Kennar’s appeal to his fans was simple yet heartfelt: “My only request to my fans is that when I go live, they post us, share, tag as many people as they can, and buy the tickets. Come watch me live on stage.”

The announcement has already generated immense excitement and anticipation among Crazy Kennar’s followers. His decision to venture into live comedy is a testament to his determination and commitment to evolving as an entertainer.

In July, Kennar shared a cryptic message on his social media platforms that left his fans concerned with his mental health.

The normally jovial comedian whose content aims at fighting against depression posted; ‘Depression is real’ with a broken heart emoji attached to his statement.

However, the creator, who has gone on to be one of the biggest content creators in Africa, provided no context for his post, leaving fans scrambling to understand what exactly was going on with him at the time.

This came amid speculations of a possible bitter fallout with his former crew.

Kennar and his crew, dubbed ‘Content Cartel’, sparked breakup reports late last week after curious fans noticed that most had unfollowed each other on social media – and all have unfollowed him.

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Against the backdrop of his ‘depression’ posts, one of his most prominent female crew Yvonne Khisa also shared a cryptic message seemingly hinting at trouble in paradise.

“Toxic people acting as a victim is the funniest thing ever,” she wrote.

Another crew Wanjiru Africas, wrote, “Men can leave you in the desert with no water. No, actually men will leave you in the desert with no water. Anyway, another day to remind you to fight for your space unapologetically.”

In May, Kennar parted ways with his ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar’ director Stanley Omondi, alias Stano, with whom he founded the popular ‘Content Cartel’ comedy group.

In subsequent posts, Stano would flatly deny falling out with his erstwhile partner Kennar saying he has decided to focus on solo projects and growing his own brand.

“Crazy Kennar and I are on good terms; let’s stop the ongoing propaganda. Currently, I’m out of screen because I decided to do my own videos and I’m more than glad to see y’all love them. Keep supporting the whole team as well,” he tweeted.

In 2022, another member, Stephen Otieno, better known as Useful Idioty, left the ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar.’

“I have not fallen out with anybody, I have started afresh,” he said, adding that he had taken a back seat to focus on his education and solo projects.

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