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Crazy Kennar’s viral comeback mocks corruption in ‘Public Servant Houses’

Popular content creator Kennedy Odhiambo, aka Crazy Kennar, has returned with a hilarious solo skit that has taken social media by storm.

The one-minute, seven-second video humorously showcases the branded items found in homes owned by public servants, juxtaposing them with a “corruption-free zone” doormat.

In the skit, Crazy Kennar playfully utilizes items seemingly “taken” from various government parastatals, including a teacup from Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, a water tank “bought” by Homabay County Constituency Development Fund, a blanket “used by” mothers at Kenyatta National Hospital, and even a wing “from” a grounded Kenya Airways airplane.

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He also had a computer screen from the Kenya Revenue Authority, seat covers from the NTSA, and branded clothes from the National Hospital Insurance Fund and the National Transport and Safety Authority.

The video highlights the satire of government properties being misused for private gain.

This comedic commentary resonates with Kenyans, particularly amidst criticism of the government’s financial management and property misuse by public servants.

The skit also marks Crazy Kennar’s first solo comeback since his original crew disbanded two weeks ago. Following his statement on depression, the three remaining crew members – Bushra, Yvonne, and Africas – left the Crazy Kennar group, leaving Odhiambo to continue alone.

Despite the challenges, Crazy Kennar is determined to make a positive impact.

In his statement on July 13, 2023, he expressed his mission to touch souls through comedy and provide hope to those struggling with depression.

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“Each day I wake up, I always embark on a mission to touch a soul through comedy. I always endevour to ensure that all my online content has a positive impact on anyone who is on the verge of falling into depression. Over time, I have received messages from brothers and sisters with suicidal thoughts, financial problems, and broken hearts. There are people have no one to talk to. In fact, from their testimonies, they have no hope in sight,” his statement read.

Encouraging viewers to share his content with those in need, he urged everyone to be their brother’s keeper, promising to bring smiles and laughter during this journey.

“Every time I make you smile, share it with someone you feel could be having a problem and just let them know they will be alright. To everyone, I urge you to be your brother’s keeper. For the rest of this month, I will be out to put a smile on your faces each day as I tag you along to walk with me in this journey.”

As Crazy Kennar’s skit goes viral, his comedic approach sheds light on serious issues while spreading joy and hope to his audience.

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