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Crazy things Kenyans did during Safaricom network outage

For several hours on Sunday, Safaricom subscribers were unable to access internet connectivity, something that left many of them wondering what was happening to ‘their phones’.

It emerged that the mobile phone service provider was apparently experiencing a massive outage.

Safaricom later released a statement linking the outage to fiber link cuts that “affected critical transmission equipment.”

This came as scant consolation for many subscribers who had tried every trick in the book to ‘jump start’ their phones and regain internet connectivity.

While some kept restarting their phones, other resorted to buying internet bundles in bulk, yet they could still not browse the internet.

Here are some of the crazy things that some subscribers did during Safaricom network outage:

1. Restart 100 times

2. Buy 100GB data.

3. Chokora settings

4. Toa battery