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Here are some crazy things women do during their periods

When it is that time of the month, women’s hormones make them do a lot of crazy things. Some women took time to recount some of the incidents they would attribute to the hormones.

The stories were shared on a popular Facebook group, making a good read.

Some narrated how they snapped at waiters, shop attendants and even family members and neighbours.

“My neighbor shouted at her kids not to enter my house nilikasirika nikajiuliza ‘Kwani kwangu kuna kunguni?’ I immediately Mpesad her a K she had given me for my bro’s medical fund… nikajua later niko loose nut at times,” narrated one woman.

“So today, I was looking for shoes. My usual store didn’t have the design I wanted in my size so they referred me to their other branch. I go there, they didn’t have the one I wanted, so I settle on two other pairs. I go to the counter, Bill should be 4499 but the cashier tells me there’s an extra 30 bob for a carrybag. I felt the need to be petty… I left the shoes. I’ll gladly buy when my usual store restocks,” wrote another.

“Mimi niliingia cafe nikakuwa served chipo kwa plate tena ya chuma…I hate this! Nilikua na njaa kibao but singeweza, nilimwacha waiter na hiyo sahani nikaleft,” another recounted.

“I learned I got moodswings when nearing menses or during… Aki naeza pashana hata vitu haziko like recently niligombeza waiter for delaying kuleta food by just 5mins n I talked n clicked hadi nikamaliza food especially akipita near my table n most people around me that time get it rough… on a serious note I just don’t know how I get mad very fast on minor things during that period,” another wrote.

“Hahaha my mum once made us leave a restaurant because they served her tea in a cup that had a crack,” another added.

“So juzi in town I withdrew some cash at an Mpesa, the amount had 50bob juu… So that lady with a very noticeable ATT asks me if I have fifty Bob I tell her No, She asks me if she can reverse the money since hana change… I was like WTF! I said no, so she tells me “Then ngoja tupate customer ako na 50”.. N she went ahead to munch her chips stress free… Yaani I got so mad… Took that Mpesa book n the machine ya equity withdrawal, told her akipata change anitafute kwa shughuli zangu, n I walked away!! I don’t know where she got the change within minutes followed me n gave me, Sipendi ujinga ???,” wrote another.