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Crocodile tears! Justina Syokau’s tearful apology sparks mixed reactions

Controversial Kenyan singer, Justina Syokau, has found herself at the center of yet another social media storm after posting a tearful video in which she apologized to people she believes she has wronged in the recent past.

In the emotional video, the “Twedi Twedi” hitmaker began by asking for forgiveness from radio personality Andrew Kibe, whom she had previously insulted.

She then apologized to Pastor Ezekiel, claiming she had also insulted him.

Justina expressed her concern about her child’s alleged illness, which she suspects may result from her past actions, particularly insulting the man of God.

She tearfully pleaded with Pastor Ezekiel to pray for her to secure a job and heal her ailing son.

The singer didn’t stop there; she also mentioned comedian Eric Omondi, who had recently criticized the gospel industry, claiming it was dead.

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Her video left many wondering about the motivations behind her public expression of remorse.

However, some netizens quickly questioned the sincerity of Justina’s tearful confession, accusing her of seeking attention and clout to promote an upcoming song release.

They expressed doubts about the authenticity of her apologies, suggesting that it might be a strategic move to generate publicity.

Social media users shared a mix of reactions to Justina’s emotional plea.

While some followers sympathized with her and offered words of comfort and encouragement, others were more critical, advising her to be serious with her life and cease engaging in what they perceived as childish behavior.

One user, irenethegiver, forgave the singer and wished her well, while another, Ken Kivuva, urged her to be more responsible with her actions.

Other users reminded Justina that relying on online antics would not resolve her issues and encouraged her to take charge of her life, seeking internal solutions rather than external attention.

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