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Crossover host recounts awkward meeting with her deadbeat dad

By Freya Wanjiku January 12th, 2023 2 min read

Susan Grace, the Crossover host has opened up on her absentee father after experiencing difficulties when filling in for her passport online. In a video she posted on TikTok, Grace narrated how frustrating the process of applying for a new passport had been for her.

Specifying that the difficult sector is the page where one needs to attach documents and files, Grace shared that she had at some point second-guessed herself.

“As I was filling in, I was reminded of something that happened eight years ago in 2015. There is this page that asks for the status of your parents, whether they are there or not. Obviously, for my mom I ticked the deceased option,” she recounted.

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“On to the father’s option, I clicked ‘father not available’ like he is not there. But the page still had the audacity to ask me for his full name. ‘Who’s full name? You are the government, tell me.’ First of all who is he?” she posed.

Grace went on to recount how her biological father showed up for the first time in her life during her late mother’s funeral.

According to Grace, the meeting happened after she was informed of someone who wanted to meet her by the road, since he was not comfortable being in the compound.

“At this time, I was not thinking much, so I went. After exchanging pleasantries, the man started staring at me. He then started beating around the bush saying how close he was with my mom and how they go way back. Eventually, he dropped the bombshell and was like, ‘I am your dad!'”

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Not knowing what to do with the information, Grace says she could only mutter ‘nice to meet you,’ before she left.

But after a while, her father sent in for her for a second time and thinking that she had not heard him well, he repeated himself.

“I got it the first time and it is finally nice to meet you,” she responded.

Grace’s dad went on to suggest that they should meet and catch up with the NTV’s presenter shooting back with, “Are you sure you are ready to catch up with 20 years of my life?”

Admitting that she was angry because he had absconded his duties with her late mother putting in twice as much effort to make ends meet, Grace told him, “It is okay! we do not have to get in touch, pretend to do this because mom is gone!”

That awkward meeting not withstanding, Grace says she finally forgave her dad let go of all the bitterness she had withheld.

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