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Crucial evidence on slain Pakistani journalist’s murder unearthed

By Nyaboga Kiage November 27th, 2022 2 min read

Slain Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif left behind devices which hold key information that may assist to unravel the circumstances that led to his death, Nairobi News can now reveal.

This is according to a fact-finding team that was setup by the Pakistan Government to get to the bottom of the matter and give a report on what they believe led to the death of the former news anchor.

The team is made up of Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Director Dr Athar Waheed and Intelligence Bureau Deputy Director General Omar Shahid Hamid who now say Mr Sharif handed over his laptop and iPhone to former Pakistan Minister of Communication and PTI leader Murad Saeed.

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They asked Mr Saeed to hand over the two gadgets on Monday, November 28, 2022, as it might be holding key information on various angles that will help find out who was after the journalist.

Nairobi News is in possession of a letter written by Mr Saeed who clearly shows his dissatisfaction on the demands made by the committee, saying the late journalist had already fallen out with the current government.

“Even after assassination of Sharif, the Interior Minister, irresponsibly and recklessly, attempted to link his assassination with gold smuggling in Kenya. Therefore, it is most humbly submitted that it cannot be expected this team to function and operate in an independent, objective, neutral and impartial manner,” the letter by the former Minister reads in part.

The letter also states that since there was a clear conflict of interest based on reasonable and concrete and cogent reasons.

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He also said that he would better go with the views made by the family of the late journalist that they did not have trust in the investigating team which is handling the matter.

The letter to the former Minister said that he was to cooperate with the fact-finding team before they hand over their reports to Human Rights bodies of the Supreme Court.

Also summoned by the team is Mr Tasnim Haider Shah, a London based activist who claims Mr Sharif’s iPad and iPhone were in possession of some Pakistan national living in the United Kingdom (U.K).

Mr Sharif was killed on October 23, 2022, in Kenya by the General Service Unit (GSU) officers while on his way from AmmoDump in Kajiado County to Nairobi.

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