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Crying female fan at Tarrus Riley concert thrills Kenyans – VIDEO

By EDDY KAGERA October 22nd, 2018 2 min read

A female fan has become an online sensation after was caught on video overcome by emotion during the Tarrus Riley concert on Saturday night.

The woman, whose Twitter username is @itsnjambea, was part of a crowd that was chanting reggae last weekend when Riley song, Just The Way You Are cued in.

The concert went down at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi.


When the song started playing, the woman is seen looking down in disbelief and, after lifting her head, sings along word for word while fighting back tears.

The video was captured by Nairobi News photojournalist Francis Nderitu.

People camped on the video, which was shared on Facebook and Twitter, with varied reactions.

Wonder Ike DM said: “Power of weed. Ask her now, she isn’t sure if she even attended the show.”

Cyrus Usagi said: “How I wish she gets too emotional wen a Gloria muliro or a Eunice Njeri song is the one on the airwaves.”
lly Adol joked: “Haha. She is drunk. But I love the way she sings every word.”

Rashid R Snr said: “Watu wa reggae mko na mashida…. Unaimba nyimbo ya Tarrus Riley emotions zinakupanda, machozi yanatoka…unaishiwa na pumzi unakufa.”


Abuk Garang added: “I believe only r&b fans are emotional people. I would also cry like this at Lionel Richie’s concert.”

Sinclair Ole Matata noted: “I blame William ruto…. for this trend…. tushikane tulie deni ya china iishee then.”

Benji Ndolo said: “Concerts are nothing to play with, she done lost her mind right there. My first real concert was an R Kelly, LL Cool J, Da Brat 1995 I thought I died and rose again!”

Patience‏ @themanywele added: “People really underestimate the power of music. In a world full of abuse to the ladies on their looks and pressure to fit in, this song means a lot to her.”