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Cryptic pregnancy: Kenyans share their baffling experiences

By Amina Wako February 17th, 2021 2 min read

Many men and women have come out to share their baffling experiences about cryptic pregnancy after Nation did a story about a woman who did not know that she was pregnant until delivery time.

This type of pregnancy Viola Daisy carried for six months is referred to as cryptic pregnancy or stealth pregnancy.

Conventional medical testing methods may fail to detect this type of pregnancy, according to medical experts.

Women with a cryptic pregnancy are unaware that they are pregnant and may only realise they are heavy with child during the last few weeks of the pregnancy or when they give birth.

“I had never experienced any sign of pregnancy. I have never felt the baby kicking yet here I was at the hospital hearing that I was pregnant…” Viola told Nation.

Kenyans who have encountered the pregnancy shared their experiences in reaction to the story:

Bancy Gichobi wrote, “I had a house manager who was in her mid 40s with grownup kids. One day she complained of stomach ache I told her to go to the hospital she was given antibiotics. The pain persisted and she later went for a scan. Alas she was due in 4weeks. Now the kagal is 2yrs.”

Pauline Getty Muhavi posted, “There is a woman who experienced abdominal pains and went for a scan, only to be told it’s labour pains she was to give birth to a baby she never thought she carried. She fainted on getting the news and when she woke up she had a bady wrapped in a shawl by her side, she had been operated on. So it happens, people have smooth pregnancies.”

Tracy Muthoni wrote, “My twin too, I never knew i was pregnant with my son, no kicks, no fever, no nothing until one day i was sick kuenda hosi nikaambiwa i was 7months pregnant its true it’s happens sometimes.”

“That’s me now…I was 7 months pregnant without knowing the very day nlisikia mtoto anakick kwa tumbo I went to hospital to be checked what was the problem boooomb!! I got a bouncing baby boy though I was young …proud to be a mommy,” Isabellah Liz added.

A section of Kenyans also wondered how someone could be pregnant for six months unknowingly.

Rose Denis Otieno said, “I think it’s a matter of women not being in tune with their bodies period.”

Ben Njoroge Rotich wrote, “Was that your first born? You mean you dont event now any sign of pregnancy or just vomiting and ignoring,tottaly lies.”