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CS Mvurya’s daughter sues for negligence, earning Sh4,500 salary

By Nyaboga Kiage September 8th, 2023 2 min read

Salim Mvurya, the Cabinet Secretary for Mining and former Kwale Governor, has approached the High Court in Kakamega seeking a mediator to help resolve a case of alleged neglect filed by his daughter, Ms Yvonne Anono Omanzi, 29.

Ms Omanzi had filed a lawsuit against her father, accusing him of neglect, but CS Mvurya expressed his willingness to support her despite her age and the cessation of parental financial responsibility.

Court documents reveal that Ms Omanzi works as a waiter at a hotel in Kakamega, earning a monthly income of Sh4,500.

CS Mvurya’s lawyer, Mr Peter Wanyama, stated, “Parental financial responsibility typically concludes at the age of 18, whereas she is 29. Nevertheless, the applicant (Mvurya) does not oppose extending assistance to the respondent (Omanzi) as he is driven by his moral compassion rather than an obligation rooted in legality.”

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According to CS Mvurya, his daughter chose to take legal action without first engaging in a dialogue with him to discuss her concerns.

In response, Ms Omanzi argues that her father is attempting to evade the issue and that the case may collapse if it is removed from the court.

She claimed that CS Mvurya only responded to her after she initiated legal proceedings, stating, “It was not until I brought the matter to court that he decided that he was ready for mediation. When my father became the CS, I solicited bus fare and went to his office to seek help from him. Upon introducing myself, I was informed that stern instructions had been issued by Mvurya declaring me a person non-granta.”

Ms Omanzi further alleged that she was escorted out of the office by CS Mvurya’s security and instructed not to return.

She also claimed that her lawyer, Mr Edwin Wafula, had been blocked by the former political leader.

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