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Cuddling has saved my marriage, Rufftone’s wife Krystal reveals

By Thomas Matiko October 30th, 2020 1 min read

Gospel musician Krystal has revealed that cuddling was one of the major reasons that has enabled her six-year marriage to fellow gospel singer Rufftone to flourish.

Even after being together for more than half a decade, Krystal said, her husband has never stopped showing her affection just like when they first met.

Krystal noted that she was aware that affection among couples tends to wither after being together for many years as people get too used to each other.

But in her case, she revealed, Rufftone’s affection towards her has never changed and for that reason, it had been easier to keep their marriage flame burning.

“He is very warm. He never minds holding my hands in public. If we are watching TV, he insists I should always sit very close to him and he does that every day. As a woman these are things that I really value,” Krystal opened up in a recent radio interview.

“I know of women who complain of their husbands not wanting to cuddle them every time,” she added.

She stressed that the cuddling played a key role in strengthening their marriage which she admitted was never a bed of rose.

“Because of this, even when there is a disagreement between us, it won’t last. We will end up solving the issue very fast. This is something that has really played part in our marriage,” She added.

Rufftone and Krystal wedded in 2014 and are blessed with two children.

The lovebirds have been together for 15 years since they first met in 2005 and started dating.

At the time, Krystal was 19 years old and an upcoming gospel musician while Rufftone was already setting trends with mega gospel hits.