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Cyril Ramaphosa trolled after struggling to wear mask on live TV

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has become the butt of the online jokes after a toe-curling moment where he struggled to fit on a protective mask on live TV.

The South African President was addressing the nation to announce a five-level “risk-adjusted strategy” where the country will slowly ease lockdown restrictions starting May 1. He tried to put on a mask after the speech but it got the better of him.

Ramaphosa’s demonstration of wearing a cloth mask did not go as planned as he also touched the front of the outside of the mask, something that users are constantly warned against.

In a video clip that has since gone viral on social media, the president looked straight at the camera for a moment, nodded, took a step backwards and brought his cloth mask to his face.

His fingers fumbled with the straps, the elastic band sprung out of his right hand, he grabbed the band again, got it over his ear and the mask ended up over his eyes.

As he pulled it down, it popped off again, but he quickly put it back on, turned to his left and walked out of shot.

His efforts quickly turned a serious situation was instantly turned into a light moment.

South Africans compared their leader to the Mask and as Fifty Shades of Grey fans called it, Fifty Shades of Lockdown.

Netflix movie Bird Box was also mentioned.

A mask challenge started trending on social media as South Africans had fun at the president’s expense.