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Cyrus Oguna begs Kenyans to go pick Huduma Namba cards

A paltry 10 percent of Kenyans have picked their Huduma Namba cards after the roll-out of mass distribution by the government.

Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said only 200,000 out of two million people have responded to the messages sent to them and collected them since the rollout of mass distribution on February 2.

Speaking Thursday during a press briefing in Nairobi, Colonel (Rtd) Oguna urged those who have received the messages to provide the requested information and subsequently pick the cards.

According to the spokesperson, most Kenyans delay in choosing the location where the card should be sent despite getting messages on their mobile phones.

“The options are actually in a link. You click the link and you will be given options. So you choose an area that is convenient to you,” he said.

According to Oguna, Kenyans have three days to respond to messages calling them to collect their cards after which the message link will disappear.

“When the message disappears and your card is ready, we go back to records, find out where you registered and send the card to a bureau near where you registered,” he said.

Huduma Secretariat has been sending out two messages to those who had registered with the first requesting the details of where they would like to collect their cards while the second one informs them that their cards are ready.

He said the second registration will start in early May, giving a chance to those who did not enroll in the first exercise to acquire the document set to replace the national identity card.