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Daddie Marto recovers Jamila Mohamed’s hacked Instagram account

Seasoned media personality Jamila Mohamed has secured her Instagram account from hackers. Revealing the good news, the soft-spoken news anchor thanked Kenyan actor Martin Githinji, better known as Daddie Marto for helping her regain her account.

“I have my Insta account back! Phew! Thank you Daddie Marto for all your help,” Jamila posted.

This is not the first time Daddie Marto’s name has come up after securing a hacked account. In April the thespian revealed that he took nearly five hours to secure the social media accounts of media personality Betty Kyallo which were on the brink of being hacked.

Marto explained that there were various security measures that were not in place for Kyalo’s accounts, thus making them an easy target.

“There are security measures unfortunately she hadn’t put before that made it easier for the hackers to come through. But then that’s where people like me, who are inclined towards the tech side come in,” he added.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Daddie Marto said that he uses Instagram tools to secure the hacker site. He further revealed that sometimes, he has had to communicate with the hackers directly.

“I use IG tools that they have provided to recover the accounts and in some instances talk to the hackers to get the account back,” he said.

Taking the opportunity to issue a word of advice, Marto said social media users should avoid clicking on unverified links because they are commonly used as bait to access one’s account.

“I would like to advise anyone else who has a social media account and they are using it for business or even for connecting with friends, be careful on the type of links you click because you will never know what kind of DMs will leak should you become a victim,” he advised.