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Daddy Owen discusses life regrets, temptations

Gospel singer Owen Mwatia alias Daddy Owen has opened up on the things he wishes he’d have done at a younger age.

The Wewe ni Mungu hitmaker was responding to a question from a fan on his Insta-stories.

“Serve God more, read more and get children early, and many more. Sometimes in life, you must go through a process so that you gain intelligence and wisdom later. Wisdom is created for a long list of making wrong choices,” the gospel artist explained.

Having been in the limelight for over a decade and a half, the singer was also asked to share his opinion on staying humble and true to himself in an entertainment industry where a flasgy lifestyle appears to be the common denominator.

“I am a minister. A mini-star leading people to the superstar (read God),” he said.

The singer was also asked how he avoids temptations to which he responded by saying as long as one’s human, doing so is not easy, however, when faced with extreme temptation he runs away.

“God’s grace is sufficient, but we can’t go on misusing and sinning and justify the phrase. Not easy. As long as you are human it ain’t easy. But if it is extreme, I run away,” he said

“I flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body,” he added.

Talking about his health, the artist said he is focusing on his mental and spiritual well-being at the moment adding that emotionally he is yet to figure it all out.

“Let’s skip the emotional bit and focus on spiritual and mental. I am good,”

The musician offered the interview a few weeks after removing his wedding ring, almost two years a bitter separation from his ex-wife Farida Wambui.

The singer recently addressed his choice to remove the ring after such a long time terming it a spiritual move.

He also stated it had nothing to do with not moving on as he already did, though not with another woman.

During an interview with a local publication, the singer said, “My decision is a personal and spiritual matter. I moved on long ago from my past… or does moving on mean having a new catch? If so then not yet.”