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Daddy Owen emerges online after ‘engagement’ in support for Cancer survivor

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has committed to providing support to a Form Three student from Muhoroni, whose leg was amputated during stage 4 cancer treatment.

The heart-wrenching case came to light through comedian Eric Omondi’s Instagram page, where he highlighted the story.

The young girl underwent a life-saving leg amputation due to stage 4 cancer and is determined to resume her studies.

“She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, and her leg was amputated to save her life. She wants to go back to school and she needs an artificial leg (costs Sh530,000). We are going to raise enough money today to buy her an artificial leg, buy her school uniform, pay her fees, and take her back to school next week,” wrote Eric Omondi.

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According to Eric, the girl had missed the entire school year in 2023 while undergoing treatment but is now eager to return to her studies.

Inspired by the story, Daddy Owen has affirmed his dedication to contributing the necessary funds for the required prosthetic limb.

This marks the initial significant declaration from the gospel star following his introduction of Charlene Ruto to his mother during the festive holiday season.

“Bro mlete. We will give her the prosthesis required, through my foundation (Malaika Disability Foundation) and @curekenya we will make sure she gets the perfect prosthetic. Keep up the noble cause, and God bless,” pledged Daddy Owen.

Kenyans had already supported the young girl with over Sh300,000 when Daddy Owen took over the case.

Comedian Omondi has been actively involved in philanthropy through his ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ initiative, leveraging social media to raise funds for individuals in need.

Embracing a more decent approach, Omondi explained: “What I am doing right now involves women, children, and more, so it will be hard to see that character. Also, I am meeting very influential people who can’t allow me to dress like that. Right now, there is a very big list of children in Kilifi that can’t afford school fees, and I am looking for ways to help them.”