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Daddy Owen ends search for Kienyeji wife

It seems gospel singer Owen Mwatia popularly known as Daddy Owen has concluded his search for a traditional (Kienyeji) wife and Kenyans online appear to know whom the lucky one is.

The popular musician says he has already identified the lucky woman and is about to make his intentions known to her.

“When I shoot I never miss and when I miss it is by design. I plan to fall in love with someone’s daughter in 2023. But she doesnt know as yet. She thinks we are just friends. She doesnt know what’s about to hit her!! Sharpshooter,” the musician wrote.

Although he stopped short of revealing the lucky woman’s identity, netizens have already jumped to conclusions saying that it is Eve Mungai whom he has lately been photographed with.

Owen embarked on his search for a Kienyeji wife in 2022 following pressure to remarry after separating from his wife.

He revealed his mother was bothered by his walking alone around his home and even told him to hire someone if the worst came to the worst.

At this point, he described the kind of woman he was looking to marry after his first marriage failed.

The woman, he said, must be serious about dating and marriage, dark-skinned, prayerful, and from the village.

“So now I’m at that point where I know that I am ready to settle down if I find someone. If she is a good person, we will settle down. You see, one thing that has really helped me in my life is – I’ve been in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years, so one thing I learned when I was still very young was no matter what, in every story, there is an action and a reaction,” Daddy Owen said in a past interview with Nairobi News.

“So mostly, you get positive and negative. There are bullies on social media who will say all sorts of negative things, but they make me sleep well. Shade has never affected me. I’ve been here for so long. I’ve failed in my career on things here and there, but I’ve also succeeded, so the moment you know everything comes with the positive and negative sides, you will need to be ready. My experience in the industry has taught me a lot.”

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