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Daddy Owen hints that hypergamy played a role in his broken marriage

Renowned musician Daddy Owen recently opened up about the significant role hypergamy played in the challenges he faced during his previous marriage. In a candid interview with Iko Nini, Owen delved into the impact of hypergamy on his relationship and shared valuable insights gained from that experience.

“A lady comes home from work and the guy has spent the whole day inside the house yet he wants to discuss issues with his CEO girlfriend. What will you discuss? Your intelligence level is not the same,” Daddy Owen said.

Hypergamy, the practice of marrying or forming relationships with individuals of superior social or educational backgrounds, emerged as a central theme in Owen’s narrative.

“For you to be submissive, you must be lower. So hypergamy happens because most of the time, women feel the moment you marry her you must be 10 steps ahead. The moment they catch up with you, the fascination dies. and this is my analogy,” Owen explained.

He candidly acknowledged that the allure of hypergamy affected the dynamics of his marriage, leading to difficulties and ultimately contributing to its demise.

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Owen shed light on the intricate workings of hypergamy in modern relationships. He explained that, more often than not, women seek partners who are on a higher level of achievement or success.

“I will always believe women are attracted to power, fascinated with power, not money. It’s only that money comes through the element of power,” he added.

However, as they strive to attain that same level, the initial fascination and dynamic of the relationship may shift, resulting in challenges and potential strain.

The acclaimed artist emphasized the importance of understanding hypergamy and its potential impact on relationships.

Through his personal experience, Owen discovered the significance of addressing the expectations and dynamics associated with hypergamous relationships, offering invaluable lessons for those navigating similar situations.

“There was a time when my mind wasn’t functioning properly. 2020 was the worst time in my life,” he said.

In his introspective reflection, Owen highlighted the need for open communication, mutual understanding, and shared growth within relationships influenced by hypergamy.

He emphasized the importance of finding a balance that allows both partners to thrive and evolve together, mitigating the potential pitfalls associated with the phenomenon.

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