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Daddy Owen: I wish I got married before fame

Gospel singer Daddy Owen wishes he got married before he became famous. Daddy Owen ended his marriage to Farida Wambui after four years of being together.

In a recent interview with Shaffie Weru, the Papa Fololo hitmaker said he dated his ex-wife for nine years. The 41-year-old singer also said he wished he started a family early.

“I got married in my 30s, I wish I got married before fame. So I grow into fame and already having my kids. So when all these things are happening, you’re just on a different level. But now getting married at the peak of your career is a different story,” he said.

Daddy Owen also said he has not ruled out getting married again, saying he will at the right time.

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He said he is in that place in life where getting offers and a lady to love is not an issue just that he needs time to work on himself.

“It is more of now who you are. One of those things I decided is that I will go and work on myself and change one thing here and there and after that, other things will flow,” he said.

He also revealed how Kenyans trolled him for something that he did not do and was out of his control.

Daddy Owen also said despite people criticising him, many of them don’t know why exactly he divorced. He promised to talk about it one day.

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He also explained that during his divorce, lawyers demanded that nobody should speak publicly to avoid more drama.

“I was trolled like four months after my breakup. It helped me have tough skin. You can be a nice guy but something beyond control happens and you have nothing to say,” he recounted.

Daddy Owen said he gets love advances everyday on his social media DMs while some women send him nude photos and videos.

“I block them immediately. When the story came out, some people would come saying that they praying for me which I knew was not,” he said.

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