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Daddy Owen: Listen to your father’s advice before marrying that woman

A year after separating from his wife, gospel singer Daddy Owen has warned other men against ignoring certain things while preparing to get married.

Specifically, Daddy Owen has warned men against ignoring the advice from their fathers when it comes to the woman they are planning to marry.

“Young man, before getting married, take heed of your dad’s advice about that woman. If your dad is still alive, listen to him, they are the most underrated prophets remaining,” he said.

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In another post on social media he cited one experience, recalling how a friend of his requested him to find a private investigator to spy on the friend’s spouse.

According to Daddy Owen, when a relationship reaches that stage then it is already over.

“My friend called me asking if I can help him find a private investigator. I told him there was no need for one. Once you get to that level, it means the relationship is doomed already. Just do the necessary,” he said.

In 2016, Daddy Owen and his wife Farida Wambui held a lavish wedding after dating for more than four years. They later proceeded to their honeymoon in Belgium.

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But the marriage collapsed in January 2020 after Farida claimed she was ‘tired of footing the bills’. At the time, Daddy Owen had no steady income due to lack of gigs, a situation occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Farida reportedly moved out of her matrimonial home with reports she has already found love. Since their breakup, Farida has remained discreet and has never shared her side of the story publicly.

However, last year, Daddy Owen revealed that troubles in his marriage began just a year after they got married and that the pandemic only worsened the situation.

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