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Daddy Owen reacts after singer slaps him with Sh2m bill

Daddy Owen has responded to claims by fellow musician Rigan Sarkozy who is demanding Sh2 million from the Vanity hit-maker for work she allegedly did on some of his music projects in 2017.

Last week, the Congolese musician based in Kenyan, through lawyer David Katee sent a demand letter to Daddy Owen demanding to be paid the amount within seven days.

The seven-day ultimatum expired last Friday and by Sunday, Daddy Owen had not responded to it according to lawyer Katee.

In the demand letter, Sarkozy claimed to have written and arranged the song Wewe ni Mungu and also directed the videos of hit song Vanity and Okokroko.

Sarkozy, who at some point was housed by Daddy Owen for two years, claims he has never received a single cent for the services he rendered in the three projects.

He claimed his attempts to have Owen pay him haven’t borne any fruits with the gospel star always avoiding his calls.

“It is from the above foregoing that our client has instructed us to demand you Ksh Two Million (Ksh2, 000,000) as payment for his services, legal fees and damages. Take note that if the above demand is not met within 7 days, our client has given us mandatory instructions to pursue legal redress in a court of law without any further reference to you,” read part of the demand letter.

Responding to the allegations, Daddy Owen told Nairobi News that he doesn’t understand any of those claims by Sarkozy.

“To be honest I don’t understand all that is happening, I don’t want to comment on something I don’t know. I have been in prayers which are very important to me and have just been told of the claims. I won’t rush to react to something that I don’t know how exactly I should react to,” Daddy Owen responded.

This is the second time the reserved Daddy Owen is finding himself in such a situation. 

Four years ago, gospel singer Bahati claimed that Denno was struggling to make a living while his collabo hit song Mbona with Daddy Owen had been the most downloaded song for two years 2012 and 2013 consecutively since its release.

Bahati appeared to accuse Daddy Owen of taking away all the proceedings from the hit song.

In his defence, Owen stated that he did not owe Denno a single coin, having given him a million shillings and even went ahead to open a business for him.