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Daddy Owen responds after Instagram pulls down his ‘offensive’ post on LGBTQ

Kenyan gospel artiste Daddy Owen has come out guns blazing after Instagram pulled down his latest LGBTQ post in what it termed as ‘offensive’ and falling below their community guidelines.

In the post, Daddy Owen had faulted the Supreme Court for siding with LBTQ in their right of association, after NGOs board denied their registration.

The Vanity hitmaker maintained that recognizing the LBTQ movement is equivalent to giving a nod to terrorists and bandits. He added that Kenya should not bow to the Western demands in a desperate plea for visas, and while quoting the Bible the singer also stated that same sex relationships are an abomination.

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22),” Daddy Owen wrote.

The post was subsequently pulled down by Instagram.

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“Your post goes against our community guidelines on hate speech or symbols,” Instagram’s statement reads in  part.

Daddy Owen had gone as far as saying LGBTQ campaign is a grand scheme with a political agenda, adding that sexual desires and preferences should not be forced down people’s throats. 

“LGBTQ methodology is guided by a political agenda. The agenda is based on preferences and feelings culminating to ‘rights’ rather than biological facts and reality. The LGBTQ community complains about freedom of speech yet they are so quick to pull down my post,” the artiste responded.

“Sexual desires and preferences should not be forced down our throats! We rebuke it in the same way the Bible condemns any other sin,” he wrote in another part. 

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Just a few days ago, following the Supreme Court’s ruling, Daddy Owen opposed the verdict to have LGBTQ+ members registered. 

The Supreme Court criticized the NGOs Co-Ordination Board in its ruling issued by a five-judge bench on Friday, February 24, for refusing to register four names for an LGBTQ organization on grounds that same-sex marriage is illegal in Kenya. 

Although the law forbids same-sex marriages, three of the five justices on the bench decided that community members have the freedom to associate. As a result, it was unlawful and discriminatory to refuse to register them.

The singer, however, said it goes against the culture and customs of the Kenyan people.

“LBTQ should not be allowed in Kenya. The courts are here to serve and protect our culture, society and customs! If these NGOs are allowed to register in Kenya, then we should allow outlawed groups such as terrorists and bandits to be registered! We shouldn’t be this desperate for Visas!” he said in a tweet.

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