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Daddy Owen responds to Eric Omondi’s rant on scandal-plagued gospel stars

By Winnie Mabel February 7th, 2023 3 min read

Veteran Kenyan gospel musician Daddy Owen, born Owen Mwatia, responded to comedian Eric Omondi’s biting criticism of gospel artistes in Kenya being involved in the majority of scandals in Kenya compared to secular artistes.

Mr Omondi hit back at former gospel artistes who backslid and joined the secular music industry as some of those who remained on the gospel side were involved in sexual related scandals, being exposed for being dead beat fathers and people who enjoyed fornication and homosexuality among other faults.

In his viral video, Eric Omondi demanded that those who became famous for being gospel artistes must repent to God and seek forgiveness, or perish.

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He also prayed that whatever these artistes who backslid- or were no longer active in preaching the word of God with their art but clung on to being known as gospel artistes- touched would not succeed until they returned to the gospel ministry.

Omondi hit out at Daddy Owen, Willy Paul, Bahati, Eunice Njeri, Guardian Angel,  DK Kwenye Beat, Kambua, Mercy Masika, Jimmy Gait and a handful of others.

In his video response posted hours after Eric’s video, Daddy Owen admitted that some of what Eric had said made sense.

“I want to address something that Eric Omondi said in his video. This video is very interesting because Eric Omondi mentions some of the gospel musicians, and I’m not here to make any excuses.

I’m here to appreciate positive criticism and even his coming out and declaring to the gospel industry. There are some things that he said that are making sense.

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Some of the people that he mentioned. For real, some of us need to go back to the studio, need to work the way we used to work, we need to produce more gospel music. At the same time, we need to understand that gospel ministry is mostly inspired- not all, but most guys are inspired by the Holy Spirit to write songs and are inspired to do what they are doing.

But there are some startling and mindboggling allegations that I heard in Eric Omondi’s video; and I’m not here to deny or confirm any of those allegations, but some of them were just absurd.

I heard some names that were being mentioned by Eric and I was so shocked because some of these guys, I know they are good and I know what they are going through.

People are going through tough times, stuff and issues that are happening to all of us. Some have lost their loved ones, others important things in their lives and others who are just struggling with life issues.

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I know people are entitled to their own opinions but to be honest, there are some names that I heard there and my heart just sank.

I felt really bad because they are people I know personally and they are going through a phase where it’s really hard for them to even go to the studio and write a song, go anywhere to perform or even do anything concerning the ministry.

The only strength they have left is to pray and maybe take a step back and refocus on issues here and there,” said Daddy Owen.

He also told Eric Omondi that it had been very unnecessary for him to mention some names in his declaration against Kenya’s gospel artists.

“And by the way, Eric Omondi, I know you want to support the ministry, the gospel industry. I have a new video so if your heart is to help and push the gospel industry, kindly tell your fans then to watch my new video. Peace,” concluded Daddy Owen.

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