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Daddy Owen unveils photos of ‘grand’ introduction ceremony with Charlene Ruto

Renowned gospel singer Daddy Owen has shared intimate glimpses of a recent ceremony at his home, where Charlene Chelagat Ruto, the daughter of President William Ruto, visited for an “introduction ceremony” with Owen’s mother, Margaret Mwatia.

The heartwarming event took place on December 23, 2023, in Eshifiru village within Kakamega county.

The ceremony, captured in photos shared by Daddy Owen on Facebook, showcased the convergence of two families in a celebration.

In one photo, Charlene is seen sharing groundnuts with a member of Owen’s family—a symbolic gesture in Luhya custom, signifying a deeper connection and engagement.

Daddy Owen, dressed in a brown and black designer shirt with a black hat, radiated pride and joy throughout the ceremony.

The relatively low-key nature of the affair was attended primarily by Owen’s family.

Owen’s siblings, including elder sister Loise Mwatia and younger brothers, were present to witness the momentous occasion.

Charlene, accompanied by close friends, was surrounded by Isikuti dancers and a substantial security contingent.

During the ceremony, Owen’s mother and Charlene engaged in a heartfelt exchange of gifts, reminiscent of a daughter visiting her mother.

A source close to the family told Nairobi News: “Charlene Ruto, in the spirit of the occasion, brought thoughtful presents and received a warm Luhya land welcome. The mother reciprocated with gifts, including macadamia nuts, simsim, and other thoughtful items.”

The cultural richness of the occasion was further accentuated as Owen tied a leso around Charlene’s waist.

In November, Owen shared photos of himself playing basketball with Charlene.

These pictures sparked rumours, leading netizens to speculate that there might be more than just a friendly connection between them.

When contacted by Milele FM, Daddy Owen took the opportunity to address the circulating rumours and clarify the nature of his relationship with Charlene.

“Ah, what’s all this about? Bro, you know some things shouldn’t be talked about. Some are serious, man… Let’s not go there. You’re my brother; I wouldn’t want to put you in a tough spot,” Daddy Owen said.

“No, it’s just work. Apart from being friends, we have many projects we’re working on together… It’s not necessary that every time you see me with someone, they have to be more than a friend,” he explained.

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