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Daddy Owen vs Willy Paul: Nani mkali? KOT have their say

Gospel singer Daddy Owen and Willy Paul have become a trending topic on Twitter after a fan posed a simple, yet thought-provoking, question: “Daddy Owen or Willy Paul?”

This inquiry has ignited a lively debate among Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), regarding the two musicians’ talents, styles and achievements.

As fans engaged in passionate conversations, opinions were divided, and enthusiastic support poured in from both artistes’ fan bases.

Some fans pointed specific strengths and unique qualities of their favorite musician, while others drew comparisons based on chart success, musical versatility and stage presence.

Both Daddy Owen and Willy Paul have made significant impacts in the music industry, having been around for decades.

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They both began their careers as gospel artistes, although Willy Paul later transitioned to secular music, where he continues to thrive.

Daddy Owen recently shared a message that seemed to advocate for learning from others’ experiences and not laughing at their downfall.

He said everyone faces temptations and that we all need to be understood, not judged.

On Twitter, fans weighed in on the debate with diverse opinions:

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Kivunja: “Hakuna Daddy Owen bila Danko. Jaribu tu kutoa Danko out of the picture uone, from day 1 Danko held the gospel industry all by himself shadowed by those hand-picked by then Safaricom and other shadowy corporates.”

Lucky: “I genuinely think it’s disrespectful to compare Willy Paul to Daddy Owen. What Willy Paul has done in gospel, in Bongo, on his own, cannot be compared to a guy with a handful of hits.”

Sir-Rap-A-Lot: “I think ni ile contribution Daddy Owen alileta kwa industry ndio inafanya nammention hapa. He was great.”

The Only Joe: “Willy Paul.. Daddy Owen consistency ilipotea.”

Allak Weda: “Owen was good but didn’t know when to switch lanes. Willy Paul saw the light early and seized the opportunity.”

MooN: “Daddy made the way for akina Willy na Bahati.”

#KipJoggin: “Daddy Owen received almost all the awards he was nominated for. He is still doing Gospel. As for Bwana Mkunaji… he’s more into secular. So you can’t compare them.”