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Daddy Owen will not revenge on those who hurt him

Daddy Owen says he’s moved on from his failed marriage and has elected not to revenge because that will not be God’s will.

The gospel artist, born Owen Matia, endured a tough year in 2021 after parting ways with Farida Wambui.

He would later confirm in an interview with Nairobi News that the break-up at some point forced him to slide into depression even as rumours surfaced that his ex-wife had moved on into another relationship.

“Everybody has difficult years,” he explained in a lengthy post on Instagram.

The Kazi ya Msalaba hitmaker also appeared to suggest he’d bounced back from the tough times in his personal life.

“Everyone knows how tough my beginning of the year had been! But GOD turned my year around!! My personal life took a huge turn of success and different milestones witnessed by all from recording & launching of my 6th Album to one the biggest event in Kenya when I hosted Daddy Owen Festival in Eldoret with 10,000 strong fans!!”

“Don’t go into the new year holding a grudge from last year. Leave the hurts and disappointments behind. I had a chance to talk bad about someone. I didn’t. I had a chance to revenge, I didn’t. I forgave the ones that wronged me and moved on.”

He terms building a Children’s home, a new ward for a children’s hospital, hosting the Malaika Tribute Awards, and traveling around the world and across the country in marginalized areas to impact lives as some of his greatest achievements.