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Dagorretti North lawmaker Beatrice Elachi blasts Ruto in Judiciary row

By Mercy Simiyu January 23rd, 2024 2 min read

Dagoretti North lawmaker Beatrice Elachi has accused President William of interfering with the operations of the judiciary.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) lawmaker, who previously served as the Nairobi County Assembly Speaker, argued the public differences between the Head of State and the Judiciary amounts to interference in the independence of the judiciary.

“It was very unhealthy for President Ruto to begin a war with the Judiciary,” she said.

Elachi further suggested that the three arms of government namely the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature appeared to be reading from different scripts, further confusing the country.

The lawmaker emphasized the importance of adherence to the Constitution, urging all branches of government to respect their respective roles. “There is the importance of each of us, from the judiciary to the executive, regardless of how you feel it was,” she added.

Elachi’s comments come amid tensions between the Executive and the Judiciary, with concerns raised about the separation of powers outlined in Kenya’s Constitution. The lawmaker has called for a reconsideration of the current trajectory and encouraged dialogue to address the issues at hand.

This comes a day after President William Ruto held a meeting with Chief Justice Martha Koome at State House.

The meeting comes after the Head of State consistently accused the Judiciary of ‘teaming up with cartels to stall his legacy projects’.

“I want to announce here that a few people with vested interests who are beneficiaries of corruption in the NHIF (National Health Insurance Fund) are now ganging up with corrupt judicial officers to stall reforms so that fake hospital claims will continue,” said the President during a funeral in Central Kenya last week.

Chief Justice Martha Koome appeared to respond to the attacks.

She called for an end of the talk and instead requested an audience with President Ruto, adding that the Judiciary is ready to interrogate the concerns the President has with the system.

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