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Dahabshiil feted for uplifting women

Leading Africa Money transfer company Dahabshiil has been recognized for its role in supporting and building the capacity of women entrepreneurship.

During a ceremony to celebrate International Women’s Day, the role of Dahabshiil through its subsidiary company Microdahab was credited for helping women in small micro-enterprises to build their businesses.

At a ceremony in Hargeisa, the Chief Executive Officer of Dahabshiil Group Mr. Abdirashid Duale was honoured for his continued commitment to empowering women in business and especially those in small micro-enterprises.

Duale said Dahabshiil will double its efforts towards the betterment of women in business in the Horn of Africa and East Africa.

“Part of our mission as Dahabshiil is to empower women in Africa to grow in their business entrepreneurship,” said Duale.

He spoke at the event celebrating the Entrepreneurship of Women and Scholars from Chevening Awards (FCDO) in Somaliland capital Hargeisa.

A message posted on the company’s Facebook’s site said, “Dahabshiil will continue to support Chevening Awards (FCDO) students and women entrepreneurs.

At the function, the local community praised the steps taken by the Dahabshiil company to encourage the community, especially in the area of women’s entrepreneurship.

“Empowering women entrepreneurs leads to economic growth and positive social change. For example, they inspire future generations of girls to follow their dreams and reach their full potential. Let’s support women’s business!” said a Farhan Hassan.

Dahabshiil has remained committed on supporting women and youth in several countries in Africa.

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