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Dancer Ezra FBI talks about dating sugar mummies

Kenyan dancer King Ezra has denied claims his luxurious lifestyle is funded by others.

Ezra leads an extravagant lifestyle according to his social media posts.

As a result, rumours have been circulating he is financially supported by both men and sugar mummies.

He has criticized Kenyans for speculating about his life without concrete evidence.

In an interview with Oga Obinna on the Kula Cooler show, Ezra clarified he was accompanied by a male friend on a trip to Dubai, insisting that it was a mere coincidence.

The founder of the FBI dance crew refuted the claims, insisting that he has the means to finance his own lifestyle.

“This guy is my friend, we just happened to go to Dubai at the same time. We happened to be travelling together and he is wealthy.

When you meet a friend who’s wealthy, it’s natural for him to take care of certain expenses. That’s what happened, but it was just during that one trip to Dubai,” he said.

Ezra also spoke of older women supporting his many trips.

“You know, just this January I bought a Benz and people can’t explain it. When they see you making progress, they try to find reasons to explain it, and that’s what’s happening now. They can’t explain how I bought a car, so they say it must be a sugar mummy,” he said.

Ezra hit back at claims that his former girlfriend financially supported his extravagant lifestyle, saying:

“If she had been the one supporting me, I would have returned to my hometown and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to travel or do the activities I am currently involved in,” he clarified in his defence.

He emphasized that people often make many unfounded statements in moments of anger after the end of a relationship and that such statements should not be relied upon.

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