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Dancer Quincy Icon opens up about sexual orientation

By Sinda Matiko November 26th, 2023 2 min read

Dance choreographer Quinta Njoroge (Quincy Icon) says she isn’t bothered by the many inquiries about her sexuality.

The 23-year-old content creator known for her tomboy fashion has always drawn curiosity from many on-lookers and social media users as to whether she is straight or not.

At one time, she was rumored to be dating a popular actress.

The two had been spending so much together and were at some point said to be living together.

They would soon part ways before Chege got hooked on Dj Dibull.

Opening up to Hot Topics, Quincy says, she still gets questioned by a lot of people who are curious to know if she is straight or not.

She says many judge her from her boyish swag, and then draw all sorts of conclusions about her sexuality.

“A couple of times, many people have questioned me about my sexuality but the thing is, it doesn’t really bother me. However people want to think, or say or call me really doesn’t reflect on the person that I am and who I am,” Quincy opens up.

The soft-spoken dancer maintains that she finds joy in the manner in which she expresses herself be it from dance or how she cleans up.

“I find joy in being myself and I can’t change to please people or change myself to live according to how people want me to.” She adds.

Quincy who fancies being an aeronautical engineer, got into dancing to escape depression.

“I found myself in dancing as solace during a period I was going through a lot, I fell into depression having lost my grandmother. When I got into dance I never looked back. Right now I’m a professional choreographer”

Besides losing her granny, college fees became hard to come by after her mother was diagnosed with cancer making it unattainable to effectively foot her expensive medical bills and keep her in school as well.

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