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Dandora residents to put up with stinking dumpsite for 10 more years

Residents of Dandora will have to put up with the dumpsite for 10 more years as engineers start compacting the waste to create extra space.

This comes even as garbage pile-up in Nairobi remains an eyesore and a health hazard. City Hall has now turned focus to find a short term solution to solid waste management.

Speaking at his office, County Secretary Dr Robert Ayisi said, City Hall had accessed the dumpsite and realised the waste had only been deposited at the entrance of the site and there is space for more garbage that can last ten years.


“We assessed the dumpsite in December and found out most waste is deposited at the point of entry. We now have bulldozers at the site pushing the garbage to the furthest end,” he said.

Dr Ayisi, who defended the environment department for failing to keep the city clean, said the county had improved in garbage collection compared to December last year.

He said that they have also given a contractor to repair John Osogo road and other feeder roads, which lead up to the dumpsite and will also control traffic of the trash lorries entering the site.

“We will have open up more roads leading to the dumpsite, which will help lorries taking garbage to the site make many trips because the traffic will be flowing fast after repairs to the roads,” said Dr Ayisi.

The County Secretary said they will also light up the dumpsite and beef up security to allow those depositing the waste to do so even at night.


Plans to move the dumpsite to Ruai have been put on hold because birds attracted to the dumpsite would interfere with safety of planes flying to and from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

City Hall however have entered into a partnership with German firm EMC Solutions to build a Sh28 billion electricity generation plant at the dumpsite.