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Dangers of buying a second hand phone

When the deal is so good, think twice.

You should apply this saying while thinking about buying a second-hand or used phone.

Although many people still think of getting a used phone to save a few pennies, the effect might be so advanced.

I have on a number of occasions gone for a used smartphone instead of a new one and the price difference was notable.

And as you’d find out from other consumers in this category, there are several factors besides just the price difference that drive most of them to purchase second hand tech gadgets such as mobile devices instead of new ones.

Some of the dangers of buying such phone include:

1. Criminal history of the gadget could land you in trouble

I know you would not wish to be jailed for a crime you did not commit.

Buying and using a stolen phone, even if you did not know makes you an accomplice in the crime. And could make you sit in court for long hours defending yourself against a crime you did not commit. At worse, you could serve sometime behind bars.

2. Tracked and attacked by cybercriminals

It should also be noted that buying second-hand smart home devices is not a safe practice. This is because the phone’s firmware could have been modified by previous owners to give a remote attacker full control over users’ smart home ecosystems. This may put you at risk of being attacked by cybercriminals.

3. Un functioning phone

How well do you trust the person selling the used phone to you? It is very hard to tell whether the phone you just bought is functioning well. This is because the people selling them are always in a hurry to leave as soon as they sell the phone. In some cases, the sellers aren’t always honest about the device’s functionalities. you might just end up losing your money.

4. No warranty

Once you buy a second-hand phone, whether it is functioning or not, you will not return it. Unlike a new phone that you can return to the dealers in case of a problem, you can never return the phone.

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