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DAP-K select team to lead to lead Azimio talks

By Mercy Simiyu February 17th, 2022 1 min read

The Democratic Action Party (DAP-K) has chosen a team to represent it ahead of potential discussions with the Azimio Coalition, which is led by seasoned politician Raila Odinga.

The chosen are Noah Wekesa, a former Forestry Minister, lawyer Ken Echesa, Ms Kebina Ayatum, Eseli Simiyu who is the Tongaren MP, and Ayub Savula the Lugari lawmaker.

At a media briefing, party leaders including party leader Wafula Wamunyinyi, Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, and Simiyu assured party members the party will hold independent nominations.

“We are supporting Raila Odinga for the presidency but will field candidates in every other position, such that if we have if we have nominations it will be within our candidates,” said Simiyu.

Wamalwa saying the party has become popular in national politics and thus only allowing its members to vie for political seats countrywide will hamper its growth.

“I’ve never gone outside government, I always play safe and look at the future and if you want to look at someone inside the government look for me and anyone outside the government look for Musalia Mudavadi,” said Wamalwa.

Wamalwa also called out the Deputy President on recent remarks he made that were considered out of order in relation to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We will not allow the Deputy President to extend his arrogance to the neighboring countries We want to disassociate with his comments.”

Ruto was discussed widely on Twitter in Kenya and the DRC after he was seen suggesting the DR Congo, known for musicians like Kanda Bongoman, did not have a single cow.