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Daring or foolish? How man stormed police station and threatened to kill a cop

By Joseph Ndunda November 8th, 2022 2 min read

A man who allegedly stormed a police station in Nairobi and threatened to kill a police officer has been with issuing death threats.

Nurdin Ibrahim is accused of threatening to kill corporal Ahmed Abdisalam Adan of Eastleigh Police Station. He is accused of uttering word “nitakuua” to the officers inside the station on November 5.

Mr Ibrahim is said to have gone to the police station around 2pm in the material day and confronted the officer. The accused allegedly claimed that he would flee to Somalia after executing his plan.

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Even after other police officers present at the station sought to intervene, Mr Ibrahim allegedly continued threatening to kill Cpl. Adan.

The accused person blamed the officer of interfering with his work at a premises where he provides private security services within Eastleigh area.

Mr Ibrahim allegedly grabbed the officers by the neck and wrestled him before other officers intervened and arrested him.

The accused denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Hellen Okwany at Makadara Law Courts and sought for lenient bail and bond terms.

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He submitted that being a Kenyan he is entitled to bail and bond, adding that he is not a flight risk and will abide by terms set by the court.

The suspect hinted of plans to launch complaints against the police officer with the relevant authorities.

The prosecution however opposed bail and bond terms for the suspect and prayed he be remanded during trial.

The state asked the court to consider that the accused person threatened a police officer inside a police station and is under investigation in another case of assault. Okwany will rule on bond and bail application on November 9.

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