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Data Company reveals user who leaked photos of Bhang-in-Underwear girl

August 10th, 2015 2 min read

A city data company on Monday revealed the social media user who leaked nude photos of the schoolgirl arrested with bhang hidden in her underwear.

East African Data Handlers conducted an independent forensic investigation to find out who was responsible for the misuse of technology by sharing the photos.

There was uproar over the circulation of photos of the schoolgirl on social media that showed how police officers frisked her to the under garments in search of bhang and other narcotics moments after she had been arrested.

In one of the photos, her private parts were exposed.

From the forensic investigation, Dagitari Wanjohi, using his twitter handle @Wakigogoine, shared two photos of the bhang-in-underwear girl.


Mr Wanjohi seemingly obtained the photos exclusively.

It is however unclear whether Mr Wanjohi personally took the photos or they were sent to him by police officers handling the case.

The students from schools in Kirinyaga and Nyeri counties were arrested on August 5 after being found in possession of bhang and tobacco while aboard a bus.

The managing director of East African Data Handlers George Njoroge told Nairobi News that the forensic investigation was meant to inform Kenyans that all their actions online can be tracked and they should use technology responsibly.

“It is an independent investigation that we hope will aid the law enforcement officers be able to track the original sources of the indecent photos,” he said.


The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) on Friday condemned the treatment meted on the students by the Police.

In a statement to newsrooms, the authority noted that while it is right and proper that action must be taken against anyone violating the law, whether young or old, the only way to deal with those who break the law is through the due process provided by the law itself.