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Daudi Anguka’s ‘Sanura’, set to grip local content lovers

After gripping Kenyans with shows like Pete, David Anguka is back again with a new show that is set to premiere in the coming days.

An emotive and thrilling new telenovela about a young woman caught between preserving ancient tradition and forging her own path is set to premiere on Maisha Magic Plus, beginning Monday 19, and every weeknight at 7.30pm EAT.

Sanura, set on a rich Swahili cultural heritage at the very heart of the picturesque Lamu Island and its sister islands, Pate and Shela stars an electrifying cast of young up-and-coming actors as well as established actors, including Eddie Kimani, Ivy Wanjiku, Isack Gerson, Nyota Waziri and Sele Mzamil.

Speaking to Act Scene, Margaret Mathore, Channel Head for Maisha Magic Plus said that the epic telenovela is the latest in Maisha Magic Plus’s commitment to bringing authentic Kenyan stories to the screen. “We continue to work with the best in Kenyan talent to create premium local entertainment that resonates deeply with our viewers and appeals to their imaginations, while keeping up with their evolving tastes and preferences,” she said.

“We’re proud to add another excellent and compelling premium local show to our lineup, and we have no doubt that it will join the ranks of our audience favorites.”

Daudi Anguka, the Executive Producer of the show said that Sanura is set in a rich Swahili heritage which defines our traditional culture and heritage which unites us as a people.

According to Anguka, telling such stories not only helps to preserve some of Kenya’s culture but also solidifies the grasp of our language.

“I love creating riveting shows and fans of Swahili telenovelas can look forward to the premier of Sanura, which will deliver the entertainment they love and showcase the characteristic of award-winning local shows,” he said.

Sanura follows the journey of a teenager on the cusp of womanhood who must fight the oppressive patriarchy of her culture when she is ‘won’ by the ruthless fighter Dula as his prize during a wrestling match. Her father however rejects Dula’s request for Sanura’s hand in marriage, but for his own selfish interests – he wants her married off to someone else to settle a long-standing debt. This causes Sanura and Dula to become unlikely allies in a fight against treating women as objects rather than as human beings who can make their own decisions. Will they succeed, or will old traditions win in the end?

Defiant, daring and courageous, Sanura is stuck between following her father’s wishes by preserving the past or staying true to herself by trailblazing a new future. The telenovela is the story of choice versus tradition, agency vs objectification, love versus duty, family versus self. These are themes that many viewers can resonate with, making this a show you will not want to miss!

Anguka is more popularly known for his films Nyanya Rukia and Pete which have premiered on Maisha Magic East, Plus and Showmax and have been nominated and bagged various awards at the Kalasha Film Festivals.