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How the daughter of Keroche Breweries’ boss lost over 30kgs

Anerlisa Mungai, the daughter of Keroche Breweries’ boss, Tabitha Karanja, on Thursday took to Facebook to provide tips for her transformative weight loss that has wowed many online.

Ms Mungai said she made a conscious decision in January and it has been a journey of exercising and clean eating.

The young entrepreneur also owns a luxury water brand under her company Nero.

Here is Ms Mungai’s guide in her own words:

EXERCISE: – First 2 months I did 1 hr of not so intense exercise which involved walking, pilates and yoga with Godia.

The 4 months that followed I did 2 hours of serious training with an ex-millitary trainer. This is where i lost most of my weight (30kgs) alternatively you can go for boot camp classes in Arboretum with Imu Noor

My training till now has been one hour everyday of cardio and toning up with Godia Daniel.


DIET:– Personally I have completely cut down on sugar, I cook with olive or canola oil. I prefer steamed, boiled or grilled very lean food especially meat. I also measure my carbohydrates with a table spoon, I only have 2 servings 3 times a week, I prefer wild rice (get from zuchinni). I also take lots of #executivestillwater. 5 litres a day. I prefer lots of proteins like beans since they keep you full for long. Lots of sukuma wiki (kales) and spinach too are lovely for vitamins.

HUNGER:– If you exercise and see the results and also remember where you have come from, trust me the last thing in your mind is food. It’s all in the mind.

BODY:– My arms are still the hardest to loose, working towards toning them to avoid loose skin.

My stomach:- Was the first to go because even when I was big it was the last to add, still have a bit to work on.

Stretchmarks:- there are so many treatments to get rid of them, laser happens to be the one I prefer.

I hope with the above, I have answered most of your questions and I also hope that you will start making changes. Surround yourself with people with the same goals.