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David Ndii bemoans end of love affair with ‘let-down’ Raila

The once glowing camaraderie between economist David Ndii and ODM leader Raila Odinga appears to have hit the rocks, if a post by the former Nasa strategist is anything to go by.

On Thursday, Mr Ndii tweeted pictures of Mr Odinga meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister, Kristina Pratt at his Capitol Hill office.

Mr Ndii did not have kind words for the ODM leader, saying the photos spoke volumes.

In his tweet he wrote; “We have truly lost this one. What a let-down.”

His post elicited varied reactions from Kenyans on Twitter.

“Everyone Has Their Price… The Opposition Was Bought after the Golden Handshake, So Sad,” tweeted @Kelvin.

“Can’t Raila have a girl without you pulling off your hair,” said @Nyasirwa.

“If u take politics too personal …you can’t survive it. Raila hardly hates. For him it’s not personal. That has made him stay sane & stand test of time. Ndii & Miguna must learn. They may have the very best interest of the country at heart, but must know politics is about strategy,” wrote @enaicca.

“You once said politics is not for idealists. Expecting politics of principle in Kenya is being unrealistic, one has to build tribal coalitions to win and then implement what he believes in,” commented @MurithiiNdegwa.

“Kwani huyu Kristina Pratt Kenyatta ni nani? Amenishtua Daktari Ndii hivi. Ama ndiye my wife’s brother’s mother?” asked @Patwwafula.

“Raila has always been a political merchant. We can’t lose what was never there,” said @kadush.

“True definition of a wingman, in 2017someone said Kenya had been turned into a one party state (in a very crafty style) today i feel guilty with the way i shamelessly yapped in disagreement like a dog,” stated @Mrstevengugi.

The fallout between the two begun last year after the infamous Handshake between Mr Odinga and Mr Kenyatta.

The handshake was followed by an avalanche of meetings between Mr Odinga and some of the politicians from the Jubilee party, whom he did not see eye to eye with.

This included Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru among others.