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David Ndii calls for amnesty on past corruption after joining DP Ruto

Just days after economist David Ndii met with Deputy President William Ruto, he now proposes that the country grants amnesty on past corruption cases.

Speaking in an interview on TV47 Monday night, Ndii, who was once a strong critic of DP Ruto, said the war on graft has failed since was allegedly used to settle political scores.

“My position which I have articulated is that in the context of transitional justice it is time for us to talk about drawing a line between past corruptions because I don’t think we are going to be able to actually allow our institutions to fight corruption if we keep sort of having this vicious cycle of weaponizing corruption for politics,” said Ndii.

He called for the graft amnesty to be extended to all, including the Deputy President.

“I am for an amnesty on past corruption on everyone including Ruto and everybody. If we can agree on that then we can talk about the potential for cooperating on elections,” he said.

He was asked to explain why he decided to join Ruto’s camp despite previously declaring he could not work with him unless he returned Weston Hotel land, ADC Mutara Ranch, his alleged share of plunder, and also tell Kenyans the truth about the Eurobond.

Three years ago, Ndii threatened to leave the country if Ruto becomes president in 2022.

According to Ndii, the amnesty proposal was part of his idea of a roadmap dictating his terms of engagement with Ruto and his hustler movement.

“The first order of business we need to do is to agree to defend the Constitution and democracy. The second common ground is that we must have a free and fair election in 2022. Electoral failure undermines the economy. On those things, it doesn’t matter what somebody’s history is. I have my own history, my own baggage. We might disagree on everything else but we have some common grounds as people living in the same society,” Ndii added.

He added that Dr Ruto was not unique. “I really don’t see what the people are making a fuss about.”

Last week, Ndii and politicians allied to Ruto went for a three-day retreat at the Maasai Mara game reserve to discuss “economic issues affecting Kenya” and the 2022 succession politics.

He said he was expected to present a detailed analysis of how the country’s economic recovery plan can be effected through the “bottom up” approach the DP has been touting.

In 2019, Ndii vowed to leave the country if Dr Ruto becomes the head of state in 2022.

“I am making plans just in case. I have no intention of living in a country governed by a neurotic megalomaniac,” said Ndii.