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Ndii is now Jaluo after ‘renouncing’ Kikuyu tribe

National Super Alliance (Nasa) strategist David Ndii renounced his Kikuyu tribe on Twitter, kick starting an ethnicity debate.

Ndii tweeted that he had had enough of pleas for ethnic solidarity (from Kikuyus) but that he has instead renounced his ethnicity to become a Luo.

The tweet elicited reactions from different users some proposing a name change from Ndii to OmoNdii while others lashed out at the strategist.

@retired_comrade stated, “The Luo nation are known for their generosity, we will officially deport one Raphael Tuju and @RobertAlai as a double reward to the uthamaki nation.”

@BWGathecha replied, “We acknowledge your generosity, however wish to unequivocally decline the offer since we already have enough of that kind and we are ourselves looking 4 countries willing to have them. The only people we would accept are Otiende Omollo, James Orengo, Ken Okoth and Lupita Thiong’o.”

@makagutu_o added, “Unfortunately those are up standing citizens of Piny Owacho and cannot, as things stand, be donated.”

@fredobola stated, “I welcome you to Alego Karapul. Land for your lion is ready, you will share a county with @RailaOdinga @orengo_james @OAmollo and myself. I’ve officially seized to call you Jarabuon, now you will be called Jathoot omera!”

‏ @jeymog wrote, “From Uthamaki to Thamaki with love.”

@AlugaCarolyne replied, “We crossed river Jordan safely and we baptized him at the shores, where he got his new name #omoNDII.”

@silasjakakimba wrote, “Ndugu, Welcome to The Promised Island, Mfangano. There’s Peace, Love and Ubuntu here. It’s the location where God’s legs rest on planet earth.”

@NgugiFrancis10 wondered, “What benefits does one get by being Kikuyu or luo or turkana.what prejudice does one suffer for belonging to one and not the other so as to make a big deal out of one’s ancestry.”

@Muturimyce replied, “People with tribal inclination perceive everything in a tribal angle. Most of us didn’t know that you are a Kikuyu as alleged. Nevertheless, you perfectly resemble Nubians.”

@Rekiamiara wrote, “Be a kikuyu, a Luo, Maasai but a good one that leads by deeds and being a good example,  All Kenyans are tribalist and it time we searched for a common purpose a common goal,    which should be becoming better Men and women , Fostering Ethics that define us.”