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David Ndii lights up Twitter after calling Uhuru spoilt brat

Unflinching Kenyan economist David Ndii lit fire on Twitter on Thursday when he retorted at President Uhuru Kenyatta calling him a spoilt brat.

Dr Ndii was responding to a news alert shared on Twitter by Daily Nation where the president had told governors to be content with the money allocated to them by the national assembly.

“PRESIDENT KENYATTA dismisses call by senators and governors for more revenue allocation to counties; says government has no money,” read the tweet by Daily Nation .

But in his usual element, Dr Ndii retorted reminding President Kenyatta that taxpayers’ money does not belong to his family.

He tweeted: “Kaī ndūrīka īno īciragia mbeca ciothe nī cia Ngīna (“Does this spoilt brat think that all the money belongs to Ngina)?”

Dr Ndii has be unrelenting in his criticism of the Jubilee government with his hard-hitting newspaper and online commentaries. At one time he backed secession of marginalised counties.

He has also categorically said he would not serve in President Kenyatta’s government even after his handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

His latest remark attracted both praise and insults from his followers.


@Kamdooh said: “You didn’t have to mention his mother. She has nothing to do with Uhuru doings or misdoings.”

Davie wrote: “David you are just a bright Oscar Sudi who went to group of schools.”

Robert Ndegwa added: “Dr. Ndii,we know you don’t exactly admire Uhuru but a little politeness won’t harm you one tiddly bit.”

daniel macharia said: “@DCI_Kenya @PoliceKE @NPSOfficial_KE you should take note of this…it’s seriously a blow below the belt… why insult the President with his mother. What does Mama Ngina have to do with the running of this country.  I think this guy is deliberately crossing the redline.”