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Davido adds sparkle to his smile with diamond tooth worth millions of shillings

Nigerian singer and songwriter David Adedeji Adeleke aka Davido has continued to captivate his fans and critics alike with his lavish lifestyle choices.

The popular singer is yet again making headlines for his extravagant taste, this time with a jaw-dropping dental addition.

The multi-award-winning artiste recently revealed that he had a flawless internal diamond tooth fitted, adding a touch of luxury to his radiant smile.

Davido, who boasts an impressive 27.6 million followers on Instagram, shared the news with his fans on the platform.

In a video post, he excitedly announced his plan to replace a tooth with a customized, precious diamond.

“We are going to take this out and fix a whole diamond in it, it’s going to be a whole diamond,” Davido said.

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True to his word, he later shared a video revealing his new dental accessory – a small, sparkling diamond embedded in his first pre-molar on the upper teeth set.

The unique dental procedure was done by Houston-based celebrity cosmetic dentist Syed Shere, known as Bollywood Saif across social media platforms.

The diamond-studded dental enhancement reportedly carries a hefty price tag of approximately $100,000, equivalent to around Sh14 million.

Davido also possesses a bespoke pendant dedicated to the success of his new album Timeless.

Local Kettle Brothers UK, the creators of the necklace, have explained the concept behind the necklace.

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The pendant showcases an enduring ‘hourglass’ design meticulously crafted and embellished with handpicked diamonds. It houses a dynamic hourglass configuration, its confines adorned with diamond dust.

Weighing 1.5kg and featuring a remarkable 350ct diamond pendant, this masterpiece has been fashioned with an unwavering focus on the minutest intricacies.

The pendant boasts carefully selected diamonds, including a 1-carat pear diamond situated above the pendant. The centerpiece features four 0.5ct pear diamonds, accompanied by a 30-pointer border that pays homage to the ’30 Billion Gang’. Additionally, a 30-pointer border surrounds the hourglass.

The unique ’30BG’ inscription graces the bespoke cuban chain, while the ’30BG’ Baguette cut design dazzles.

The creation process was an in-house endeavor carried out by the Local Kettle Brothers’ jewelry specialist team, comprising Cole, Emmanuel, and Ethan.

Dubbed the Timeless pendant, this exquisite work of art was exclusively fashioned for Davido. A genuine representation of Davido’s distinct style, the Timeless pendant symbolizes inspiration, ingenuity, and everlasting elegance – destined to embellish generations to come.

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