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Davido – Chioma ignored me the first time we met!

Nigerian superstar, Davido has explained how he met his wife, Chioma.

In an interview with vlogger Tayo Aina, Davido said he first saw Chioma when he was a music student at Babcock University.

Chioma, on the other hand, was studying economics at the same institution.

Davido said he worked up the courage to approach Chioma during their first year at the university, only to be rebuffed.

Their destinies were later realigned in Lagos, leading to the official start of their romantic journey in 2015.

Reflecting on those moments, Davido fondly recounted, “I was in school for a year before I exploded – musically. That was when I met my wife. I can never forget the day I met her.”

Describing the scene vividly, he said, “I was in a Prado when I saw this girl walking. It was Chioma, casually carrying her bag. I was immediately smitten.”

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Determined to win her heart, Davido immediately enlisted the help of his personal assistant, Lat, who urged him to contact Chioma.

However, their first communication went unanswered.

Fortunately, fate intervened as Chioma eventually arrived in Lagos and the two were reunited.

Davido happily recounted their reunion:

“Later, she came to Lagos and we got in touch. And I was like, ‘Yeah, I got you.'”

Nigerian singer Davido and his girlfriend Chioma officially tied the knot in a secret wedding in November 2022.

Davido confirmed that he and Chioma tied the knot shortly after the death of their son, Ifeanyi.

“Before I went on break, I actually had an album ready. I had everything ready, but we redid the album. I travelled and I got married. A lot of different things, but we are ready to go back on the road,” said Davido.

In April, it was reported that there was trouble between Davido and Chioma after he allegedly fathered another child with his other baby mama, Amanda, who lives in the US.

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