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Davido’s special message to his fans after arrival of his twins

Renowned Nigerian music sensation Davido has finally broken his silence on the joyous arrival of his twins, a year after a heartbreaking loss.

The celebrated artist, alongside his wife Chioma, has welcomed a son and a daughter into their family.

In a recent public appearance, Davido shared the excitement and profound emotions surrounding the discovery of their twins.

He expressed how they were overcome with surprise and joy upon learning about the dual blessing.

“We were shaking when we found out that we were expecting twins. It was in the same month my son passed away in October last year, and my wife gave birth this year in October. It’s crazy,” Davido recounted.

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The music icon revealed that after the tragic loss of his son, Ifeanyi, he reached a point where he nearly gave up on his faith.

He faced a deep personal crisis and contemplated whether he would ever sing again.

“I was at the point of giving up. I thought I would never sing again. Despite having my most successful year, releasing my biggest album, and my wife delivering twins, a beautiful boy and a girl, I felt like I came back in double,” Davido shared.

The artist expressed the difficulty of maintaining faith in such trying times.

He admitted that there were moments when he questioned his faith in God, but he ultimately persevered and continued to do what he loved with a strong and supportive team by his side.

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Davido said he is now poised to share his journey with the world, emphasizing the importance of staying focused and maintaining one’s passion even in the face of adversity.

“I really want people to see that side of me and know that I kept faith. It’s very hard when such things happen, and you don’t want to believe in God. I still had to do what I love, and I remained focused and had a great team around me. I am almost at the finish line,” Davido concluded.

Davido’s son, Ifeanyi lost his life in a pool at their Lagos residence, while Davido and Chioma were not at home.