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The day Ezekiel Mutua was disowned by Kenyan tribes

Kenya Film and Classification Board chief executive Ezekiel Mutua seems to be the most unpopular person in Kenya.

The moral police on Saturday incurred the wrath of angry Kenyans online after he called for the rescheduling of two popular programmes from the the watershed period of between 5am to 10pm.

He argued that the programmes, Maina and King’angi in the morning and the marital counselling session by Bi Msafwari, contained lewd content unsuitable for a general audience.

He also banned television stations from filming wedding shows from videographers with no film licences.

On Twitter, Kenyans from all tribes mockingly disowned him, with some asking their Twitter counterparts in Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia to take him. But the east African neighbours quickly rejected the offer, saying they have their own problems to deal with.

It all started with one Syindu Musesya who posted:

This elicited a hilarious list of rejections from the other tribes.